OSU and BEBC Payroll Dates

OSU and BEBC Payroll Deadlines


Salaried Timesheets:

EmpCenter Submit by 5:00pm Approve by 5:00pm
January through December 2016 4th of the Month 6th of the Month


Hourly Staff/Pay Period of 16th-15th:

EmpCenter Submit by 12PM - Noon Approve by 12PM - Noon
January through December 2016 16th of the month 17th of the month


Is always the last working day of the month (Monday through Friday). 

If that last day of the month falls on a weekend or holiday pay is issued prior to that date.

Month Day Month Day
January 1/29/2016, Friday July 7/29/2016, Friday
February 2/29/2016, Monday August 8/31/2016, Wednesday
March 3/31/2016, Thursday September 9/30/2015, Wednesday
April 4/29/2016, Friday October 10/30/2015, Friday
May 5/31/2016, Tuesday November 11/30/2015, Monday
June 6/30/2016, Thursday December 12/31/2015, Thursday