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EmpCenter and Multiple Assignment Tools and Information

This page provides useful tools and information about timesheets and time reporting procedures and policy.


MyTime/EmpCenter - Time and Attendance Software:

EmpCenter is the online time and attendance system used by the university. It allows you to record hours worked and leave taken. EmpCenter is designed to accurately calculate your pay based on the complex rules, regulations, and policies that govern OSU pay. In addition, EmpCenter allows for the application for and tracking of protected leave (e.g., FMLA, OFLA)



Based on feedback from campus users and business centers, rounding is from the nearest quarter (.25) hour for each clock slice (in and out clock). This gives clocking employees more leeway when clocking in and out.

Example: employee clocks in at 7:58 am and clocks out at 5:02 pm with an hour lunch. The employee worked 8.07 hours (after converting the 4 minutes to decimal (4/60=.07) and subtracting out the hour lunch). With rounding to the 10th of the hour, the employee would be paid for 8.10 hours. With rounding to the quarter hour, the employee will be paid for 8 hours. See the table below for conversions:


Getting Started:

Online training available at  Please also review the user guides.

Training is organized by "Overviews" of the system in general, "Policy Profiles" or employee types and "Roles", and other "User Guides".  Once you select the category that fits what type of user you are or your role there are links to training videos and user guides specific to that role.


How-To Guides:
  • Leave Balances - Explains leave balances as they appear in EmpCenter and the leave balance tab.


Multiple Assignments:

Once you login click on the Supervisor tab

Multiple Assignments is an add-on system to EmpCenter that allows for the creation of jobs – or assignments – for the student and temporary employee Banner pooled positions. These assignments display in EmpCenter so students and temps can select the appropriate job to record time for within the system. In addition, Multiple Assignments provides easy access for the business center and the supervisor to change pay rates and labor distribution for their employees.