The notes from every meeting with leadership groups, colleges, open forums, and workgroups were compiled and reviewed for major concerns, issues, and suggestions.  The data was sorted, then summarized by theme and type, and a summary of key issues was made.

Summary of Key Issues

The key findings of the review, context on the discussions, and a preliminary set of recommendations are included in the 'Key Issues' document.   This will be discussed and reviewed by the campus community and leadership over the next two months.

Key Issues

Summary of Campus Conversations

More detail on the principal concerns raised in the campus conversations are compiled in the 'Summary of Campus Conversations' document.

Summary of Campus Conversations

Next Steps

The key issues and recommended changes will be reviewed with the campus community over the next two months.  Changes of a technical nature will be made for the FY23 budget cycle but more substantial changes will be made for the FY24 budget cycle after additional discussion of potential changes.

technical change

The review of the Corvallis Shared Responsibility budget model recommended that the SRBM be simplified. The first step (for the FY23 budget) was to make changes to the FY22 version of the model that were to be largely budget neutral to create a simpler foundation for subsequent structural changes. The technical changes proposed in the FY22 version of the model will be the base for the FY23 preliminary budget allocations. 

FY22 Technical Modifications Budget Model

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