Self Supporting Units

The Budget Office is responsible for coordinating and uploading self supporting unit budgets, and for compiling, analyzing and reporting projections quarterly. This page provides the information, instructions and forms necessary for preparing self supporting unit budgets and projections. 

What is a Self Supporting Unit?

Auxiliary Enterprises: An Auxiliary Enterprise is a self-sustaining unit which provides goods or services primarily to students, faculty, and staff as individuals.  It charges a fee directly related to, although not necessarily equal to, the cost of the goods or services. The general public may be served incidentally by auxiliary enterprises. Examples of Auxiliary Enterprises at OSU include University Housing & Dining Services, Athletics, Student Health Services and Parking. FIS 03-150-206: Auxiliary Enterprises

Service Center Operations:  A Service Center is a self-sustained activity which provides goods or services to the academic university community.  No more than 20% of revenue may be from external sales. Examples of Service Centers at OSU include Telecom, Printing & Mailing, Motor Pool and Surplus Property. FIS 03-150-205: Service Center Operations

Designated Operations: A Designated Operation is a self-sustaining activity related to instruction and public service where 80% or greater of the revenue is derived from external sources. Examples include non-credit instruction portion of field trips and international education, community education (non-credit conferences, workshops, seminars) and public service (testing services). FIS 03-150-204: Designated Operations

Self-Supporting Budget Projection Templates

Auxiliary Enterprises Quarterly Forecast Template (xlsx)

Service Center Quarterly Forecast Template (xlsx)

Designated Operations Quarterly Forecast Template (xlsx)

Royalties Quarterly Forecast Template (xlsx)