Council Membership

2018-2019 Membership List

The Council is convened by the Associate Vice President of the Office of Budget & Resource Planning, at the direction of the Provost and Vice President for Finance and Administration.  The Council is advisory to the University Budget Committee.

The council will have 15 student members:

  • Ten representatives will be selected by application, chosen for expertise, motivation, and distribution across university colleges and programs.
  • ASOSU will appoint one representative from the elected members of ASOSU.
  • The Graduate School, with advice from the Graduate Council, will appoint one graduate student.
  • Three seats will be filled at large, by invitation from the chairs of the Council to ensure representation from a cross-section of OSU’s student population.

The Council will identify a student chair or co-chairs from the membership to co-chair the Council with the Associate Vice President of Budget & Resource Planning.  Membership is ideally for two years, with a rotation that replaces half of the membership each academic year.  Flexibility will be required in terms given the many demands on student time and schedules.

Members will be identified to the campus community, and asked to serve as a point of contact for students or groups with questions or concerns.

Members for the coming academic year will be identified, to the extent possible, in spring term of the current year.

2018-2019 Student Budget Advisory Council Membership

UBC Representative & SBAC Chair: Sherm Bloomer, AVP - Office of Budget & Resource Planning

Member serving as Co-Chair with Sherm Bloomer: TBD


Association Representative
Agricultural Sciences  
Business Xingqui (Samantha) Xan, Nathan Getty
Liberal Arts Austin Carsh (returning member for 2018-19), Syzawan Bin Shatri, Leif Larsen, Loveleen Dhote
Public Health & Human Sciences Kennedy Hedges (returning member for 2018-19)
Graduate Student Clint Mattox
Member at Large Lana Klipfel
Member at Large Brenda Ledezma