2019-20 Committee Members

Belinda Batten, Chair Executive Associate Dean, College of Engineering
Sherman Bloomer, Vice Chair Associate Vice President, Budget & Resource Planning (ex officio)
Andrew Ibarra Director, Physical Activity Programs, College of Public Health & Human Sciences; Faculty Senate Budget and Fiscal Planning Committee Chair
Jon Boeckenstedt Vice Provost, Enrollment Management
Allison Hurst Associate Professor, School of Public Policy
John Gremmels Capital Planner; Infrastructure Working Group Representative
Javier Nieto Dean, College of Public Health and Human Sciences
Bob Cowen Director, Hatfield Marine Science Center
Jade Warner Vice President, Associated Students of OSU Cascades Campus
Safi Ahmad Associated Students of OSU (ASOSU)
Jackie Thorsness Manager, Agricultural Sciences and Marine Science Business Center
Rakesh Gupta Professor, College of Forestry
Kelly Sparks Associate Vice President, OSU Cascades
Alison Johnston Associate Professor, School of Public Policy; Faculty Senate Representative
Ebado Abdi Student at Large
Halli Barrios Student at Large
Weam Elsheikh Graduate Student, College of Student Services Administration program (CSSA)