FY2018 Committee Members

Committee Chair: John Killefer, Department Head - College of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animal & Rangeland Sciences

Anita Azarenko, Associate Vice President - Division of Finance & Administration

Belinda Batten, Executive Associate Dean - College of Engineering

Sherm Bloomer, Director - Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning, (Ex-Officio, non-voting)

Austin Carsh, Representative - Student Budget Advisory Council

Bob Cowen, Director - Hatfield Marine Science Center

Andrew Damitio, Representative - Associated Students of OSU-Corvallis

Dan Edge, Associate Dean - College of Agricultural Sciences

Kate Hunter-Zaworski, Chair - Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee (Faculty Senate)

Mark Johnson, Manager - Arts & Sciences Business Center

Ginny Lesser, Chair - College of Science, Statistics Department

Javier Nieto, Dean - College of Public Health & Human Sciences

Jasen Phillips, Co-Chair - Student Budget Advisory Council

Kelly Sparks, Associate Vice President for Finance & Strategic Planning - OSU-Cascades

Angela Zhao, Representative - Associated Students of OSU-Cascades