The Cashier’s services include accepting tuition payments, producing financial aid refunds, supplying short-term emergency loans up to $350, processing deposits for departments and auxiliaries, and assisting departments with cash handling policy compliance.

Important Dates & Deadlines

Departments -Cash receipts must be in the Cashiers Office by noon on the last business day ofeach month to ensure inclusion in that month’s processing. Departments are required to deposit on a daily basis. Cash deposits must be handdelivered to the Cashiers office so they can be counted in dual custody.

Make a deposit

All incoming monies should be acknowledged by receipt when accepted or received by mail, and forwarded to the OSU Cashier's Office for processing within one business day,using the OSU Cash Receipts Record form to indicate where the funds should be deposited. Endorse checks with a restrictive endorsement immediately. Departments must deposit monies within one business day after collection or receipt of such monies. For more information, please see the Cash Handling Policy.

OSU Web Departmental Deposits

Web departmental deposits are batch deposits that can be submitted remotely using TouchNet Cashiering Operations Center.

Employee reimbursements

Proper ID Required

Photo ID is needed for all transactions at the Cashier's Office. If you are receiving monies (financial aid check, employee reimbursement, etc.), two (2) forms of picture ID are required. If you are making a payment to a student account, the fastest way is to bring your OSU ID. You must at least know the OSU ID number of the account you are paying.

Key Refunds

When an employee returns an OSU key to the Key Shop, the Key Shop will provide you with a slip to reimburse you for the initial key deposit. Just bring that slip to the Cashier's Office, and we will process your refund. If you are not currently on campus, a refund can still be processed for you. Please contact your department for more details.

Will Cashier's cash a check for me?

OSU issued payroll checks up to $500 may be cashed at no charge. The payee must be present and endorse the check at the cashier's window, and have two forms of photo ID. Cashing personal checks is not a service the Cashier's Office offers.

Can we get petty cash or a temporary change fund?

Petty Cash Funds

Petty cash funds are set up for the purpose of paying for small office supplies. It is not for the purpose of refreshments, entertainment, travel, hosting, conference registrations, or membership fees. Petty Cash purchases have the same documentation requirements and fall under the same restrictions as all other OSU purchases. Use the guidelines for purchasing card usage when determining appropriate use for petty cash. Please refer to the OSU Petty Cash Policy for more information.

Temporary Change Funds

A temporary change fund can be obtained from the Cashier's Office for your department's OSU event. The purpose of this temporary change fund is to provide currency and coin for events where cash sales will be made. This is different from a petty cash fund. No expenditures of any kind can be made from a change fund. The department withholds the change fund amount from the total sales at the event, and returns the whole original change fund amount to the Cashier's Office. The fund must be used in accordance with OSU policy. The change fund must be requested 10 days in advance, and must be returned within five days following the event. The Request Form must be completed, and the Business Manager or related authority must sign the form. Remember to bring proper ID to the Cashier's Office when you bring the completed form to pick up the fund.

Can our department send/receive wire transfers?

Incoming Wire Transfers

OSU accepts wire transfers of funds as payment. Individuals or agencies sending a wire transfer should include the following information:

  • Beneficiary name, street address, City/State/Country
  • Receiving bank, street address, City/State/Country
  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number
  • Purpose or description
  • Originator
  • Originating country
  • Dollar amount
  • Date to be sent
  • Document number

Outgoing Wire Transfers

Departments may elect to make payments via wire transfer, especially when paying an agency overseas. The Cashier's Office can initiate the wire transfer, and the state treasury completes the transaction. Please complete the Request for Wire Transfer form. Instructions can be found on page 2 of the document. Contact Business Affairs Accounts Payable or the Cashier's Office for more information or assistance.

How can our department start accepting credit cards?

Departments may accept credit cards for payment of services, product, etc. Of course, all sales must comply with the policies regarding eCommerce and the sales of goods and services. If your department is interested in accepting credit payments via the web, you'll be interested in the OSU eCommerce initiative.

Becoming a Merchant

If you are currently not a credit card merchant, please visit the OSU eCommerce page for more information.

Fees and the Charge Back Procedure

There are one-time fees associated with setting up a merchant ID, monthly or annual fees for the terminal or web interface, and merchant transaction fees, also known as charge backs or the merchant discount. There is a Credit Card Fee Summary on the OSU eCommerce site. For more details, please contact the Cashier's Office.