This page contains information specific to OSU Cashier’s and Student Finance Offices. For official information from Oregon State University, see COVID-19 Updates and Information

Starting March 18, 2020 until further notice, the Cashier’s and Student Finance service windows in the lobby of the Kerr Administration Building will be closed, however staff will be working remotely and limited hours on-site to provide services, with some changes:

The Cashier’s Office drop box in the lobby will be used for accepting all in-person deposits and payments.  The drop box is secured, is in view of security cameras, and deposits will be retrieved multiple times throughout the day.  Should you have a large volume deposit that would not fit into the secured drop box, please contact the Cashier’s Office at for a deposit appointment. 


Information for Students

We are available at or 541-737-3775.


Financial Aid Payments

Spring term financial aid credit balance refunds are scheduled to run as usual.  

Sign up for OSU's Direct Deposit service, so that financial aid payments can be made electronically rather than by paper check.

All student account paper checks are mailed to your Current Mailing address on file. 

  • It's important that you keep your Current Mailing address up-to-date to avoid delays in receiving paper checks.   

To check or change your Current Mailing address: log in to MyOSU,, under Update

Personal Profile click on 'Update Address or Phone Number'.


Making payments on your student account

It’s fast and easy in MyBill. You can pay by credit card or e-check.  The e-check requires your actual bank account number and your bank’s routing number, which are usually not found on your debit card.  Here’s a helpful link:


Emergency loans

Will still be available for eligible students, but will be paid out only by mailed check or direct deposit.  To check your eligibility, go to MyOSU, on the front Welcome page lower right hand corner click Banner Self-Service, then select Student Account, then “Check your Eligibility for an Emergency Loan”.  

If you have questions please contact us at or call 541-737-3775.

At this time, the standard policies for tuition, fees, bill due dates, and registration requirements are still in place.


Information for Employees

To support our employees during social distancing practices, OSU will begin mailing payroll checks to employees who do not have direct deposit. Checks will be mailed through the U.S. Mail to the employee's current mailing address on file. For employees on direct deposit, there is no change in pay delivery.

Sustaining payroll processing is of primary concern, and measures are in place to continue these operations with staff working remotely. We will continue to coordinate with our partners in Human Resources, the Business Centers, and Printing & Mailing to responds as needed in support of the University's COVID-19 strategy.

For employees who receive a check, it is critical to keep a current mailing address up-to-date to avoid delays in receiving payroll checks.

  • To check or change your current mailing address: log in to MyOSU,, under Update Personal Profile click on 'Update Address or Phone Number.'
  • The address on file as of 11pm on Monday March 23rd will be used for mailing the March paychecks.

We encourage those that haven't dones so to sign up for OSU's Direct Deposit service so payroll and other payments can be made electronically rather than by check.

For data security reasons, we cannot take address or banking updates over the phone or by email. Please use the MyOSU secure login methods above.


Temporary Guidelines for Departmental Deposits

Cash receipts [includes currency, checks, and credit card batches] must be deposited with the Cashiers Office at least once a week. However, when $1,000 (cash and checks) or more is on hand, it must be deposited within the next business day. All cash and checks not deposited immediately should be secured in a safe or locked filing cabinet. Deposits should be made immediately if the department lacks secure safekeeping for holding funds. 

Continue to prepare a Cash Receipt Record or a TouchNet Web Deposit for each deposit and keep each deposit whole and separated.  This will assist with efficient processing and posting at the central Cashier’s Office. Deposit posting in Banner by Cashier’s will happen as quickly as possible, given staff on-hand and processing volumes.

Tamper evident bags are available from the Cashier’s Office to keep your deposits organized and secure.  Please contact to request bags, and they will also be available near the Kerr lobby drop box.

Remember to never send currency through campus mail. 

If you currently email deposits to the Cashier’s Office, please continue that practice using for credit card batches or direct to bank deposit. If your department uses a courier service such as Loomis to deliver deposit directly to a bank, please continue with that routine.  Should the armored services be interrupted, please refer to the guidelines above.

Standard cash handling control activities still apply:

  • Checks should be endorsed immediately upon receipt. 
  • Cash should be counted in the presence of the person presenting it, and a receipt given to the customer with a copy retained as proof of the deposit.
  • Credit card batches should be settled daily, and the settlement summary report (not transaction detail) submitted with your deposit.



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