We have implemented additional security measures to further protect student and employee banking information. OSU is using DUO multifactor user authentication - for more info visit the OSU DUO website.

Direct deposit is the preferred method of refund and payroll processing. Direct deposit is the electronic transfer of funds into a checking or savings account. It is the safest and most efficient way to receive a refund. Learn how to sign up for direct deposit below. For your convenience you can either view the video below to learn how to sign up or read through the instructions below the video.

Video Instructions

 Written Instructions

1. Log in at MyOSU

2. If you're enrolled in DUO, you'll be prompted to authenticate

3. On the "Welcome" tab under "Update Personal Profile" click on "Direct Deposit."

4. If you're not currently enrolled in DUO, you will be prompted to do so here

5. Complete the following and click "Next."


 Below is a sample check showing where to find the necessary information.

4. Review the information entered and click "Submit."

5. Agree to the "Direct Deposit Agreement."

Note: It will take 7 days after initial signup until the Direct Deposit will take effect.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Fill out a paper request form and either mail or take it to the Payroll Office (Kerr Admin 100)