The Business Affairs Office views electronic commerce as a natural extension of the business processes already conducted by the University. We encourage colleges and auxiliary departments to utilize electronic commerce to improve services and reduce costs to students, faculty, staff, and the public. Electronic commerce includes all business transactions accomplished using an electronic medium.

Getting Started:

    1. Responsibilities

      Accepting credit cards creates legal and financial risk for merchants. To minimize this risk substantial compliance activities are required. For this reason it is important that you consider the risks and responsibilities associated with accepting credit cards before moving forward.

      Oregon State University has established policies for all eCommerce on campus. Please review these policies before becoming a merchant because you will be required to adhere to them.

      All credit card merchants have to comply to a set of security standards that were set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS). Please find out what this means for you as a merchant on a daily basis on the PCI Compliance for OSU Credit Card Merchants webpage. If you are a point of sale merchant, please see PCI DSS Responsibilities after receiving the POS Terminal. If you are a web merchant, please see PCI DSS Responsibilities after becoming a merchant.

      When you accept credit cards you are accepting a cash equivalent and will have to adhere to the best practices in the Cash Handling Handbook. This includes depositing the monies with the appropriate and accurate information by the next business day. To find out how to do this please visit the Cashiers Office webpage.  If you are a TouchNet web merchant, you will also be responsible for monitoring and resolving TouchNet General Ledger (GL) Exceptions. If you have a TouchNet uPay site, you will be responsible for monitoring and resolving TouchNet Posting Exceptions. Instructions can be found in the TouchNet Marketplace User Guide.

      When accepting credit cards you are handling very sensitive information. OSU takes the responsibility to protect and care for the information entrusted to us by our students, faculty, staff, and partners very seriously. Please make sure to review the Information Data Security Policies to help keep our customers information secure.

    2. Your Options

      eCommerce at OSU allows you to accept credit card payments online as a web merchant and in person at the point of sale (POS). At this point you are faced with the decision whether you want to offer one or both of these payment options to your customers.

      Point of Sale

      If you accept credit cards at the point of sale, the customer will come to your place of business in person to make a purchase. The customer’s credit card will be physically swiped or dipped into a POS terminal. An example of this type of transaction is making a purchase in person at a retail store and checking out using your credit card.

      When you are a POS merchant you can accept a percentage of your transactions over the phone or by mail order. Due to data security issues, mail order transactions are discouraged.

      To find out more detailed information and the next steps in becoming a Point of Sale merchant please visit the Point of Sale website.

      Web Merchant

      As a web merchant you accept credit cards online and the customer will come to your website to make a purchase through your virtual storefront. There will be no face-to-face interaction. An example of this type of transaction is making a purchase on-line from an e-retailer like

      OSU utilizes the TouchNet Marketplace to build and operate secure web-based storefronts and online payment pages.

      To find out more detailed information and the next steps in becoming a Web Merchant please visit the Web Merchant website.

    3. Clarification Meeting

      Becoming a merchant is a complex undertaking. Please setup a clarifcation meeting with the eCommerce support team to find the most efficient and effective eCommerce tool(s) to meet your needs. Please use the contact information below:

      • Email: eCommerce
      • Robin Whitlock: (541) 737-0622
      • Daniel Heidemeyer: (541) 737-1616

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How long before I can begin taking payments from customers?

    • From the date the New Merchant Credit Card Processing Application is submitted it takes about 3-6 weeks before you can accept payments from customers.

    Q2. What does eCommerce cost?

      • Processing fees (apply to all eCommerce methods): 2% to 3.5%.
      • For Point of Sale only, cost of terminal: Costs and descriptions of terminal types
      • For Web Merchant only, utilizing TouchNet Marketplace: Use of the TouchNet application is free to the merchant but the merchant will be responsible for fees related to third party development and maintenance of any front-end web site or application.