What is eBill?

eBill is the official method of sending student account billing statements to current students. Students can view their monthly billing statements by logging onto the eBill website at http://mybill.oregonstate.edu. In addition, students also receive notification to their ONID email address whenever a new statement is posted. OSU does not send out paper billing statements, however, students desiring a paper statement can print their own through the eBill system.

Students also have the opportunity to set up "Authorized Users" in eBill. Authorized users have the ability to view and print eBill statements and have the option of making payments via eCheck through the eBill system. Authorized users also receive email notification when eBill statements are processed. Students can specify as many authorized users as they wish.

What is eCheck?

eCheck is a payment option extended to current students and their authorized users. With eCheck the student or authorized can have their payment taken directly out of their checking account eliminating the need to write a paper check. Students and authorized users have their own separate login and password, students and authorized users are not able to view each other's checking account information. While eCheck is a convenient option we understand that it is not for everyone and are able to accept other methods of payment. Please see our payment information page for details.

What can I do in eBill?

Once logged on students can:

  • View their student account statement
  • Pay on their student account via eCheck
  • View their billing and payment history
  • Print a copy of their eBill for sending paper checks via US Mail
  • Set up authorized users to view statements and pay online via eCheck

Authorized Users can:

  • View the student's student account statement
  • View the student's billing and payment history
  • Pay online via eCheck
  • Print a copy of the eBill for sending paper checks via US Mail

Why did OSU choose eBill over paper statements?

We believe that eBill offers many advantages over paper statements:

  • Payments made online post to the student's student account immediately
  • Students are able to authorize others (parent's, spouses, etc.) to view and pay statements
  • Billing is received immediately after processing with no delays in mailing allowing students and authorized users more time to plan
  • Students and authorized users can view an online history of eBills and eChecks
  • It's convenient and easy, allowing access 24/7
  • Saves time and money for both students and the university
  • It's private and secure
  • Statements are printable in eBill for students and authorized users who wish to keep a paper copy or not pay online

How do I get logged onto eBill?

For more detailed instructions on eBill, including directions on logging in, viewing and printing statements, setting up authorized users and making eCheck payments please see our eBill Instructions page.

Still have questions?

Our Frequently Asked Questions page has answers to the most common questions regarding eBill and eCheck. If your question is not listed or you would like more information please contact our Student Accounts Office at Accounts.Receivable@oregonstate.edu. We look forward to hearing from you.