Temporary and Academic Wage employee OSU ID cards

Office of Human Resources will pull a one-time report that will identify the appropriate index number to be charged for current employees. The report will be provided to the ID Center.

The ID Center will charge the index number identified on the "Welcome Letter" to the employee.

It depends on what kind of active OSU ID card they have. Individuals who hold the following cards will NOT be required to get a new temporary employee card: Associates, Emeritus Faculty, Retired staff/faculty, Courtesy Faculty, Affiliate Faculty, J1 Interns, and Students (regular and E-campus). If an individual has an active Affiliate of students, staff, faculty, associate, etc (spouse or domestic partner)....card, they will be required to get a new temporary employee card.

The department/unit will collect the ID card from the employee and will send it to the ID Center to catalog. The ID Center will retain the ID card for 24 months in case employee returns into a Temporary or Academic Wage position.

The OSU ID card will only be required for the main, Corvallis campus Temporary or Academic Wage employees. The ID card will be optional for off-campus Temporary or Academic Wage employees based upon department's needs.