The Student Debt Management group is responsible for collecting on past-due student accounts, and the counselors are committed to working with and supporting students to complete their educational goals. There are different requirements for your student account balance depending if you are a current student or not currently enrolled. Please see below for more information regarding your student account in either circumstance.

Currently Enrolled at Oregon State University

Students who elect to carry a balance on their OSU student account should note that their balance must be paid down to $2,200, and outstanding charges are from only the two most recent terms before they can register for the next term. Also, any unpaid past-due balance is subject to interest charges of 1% per month. In addition if a student owes from a prior term they are unable to access a complete official transcript until all of their prior term balances are paid.

Not Currently Enrolled at Oregon State University

For those who are not currently enrolled at Oregon State University the balance of your student account is due in full. If you are unable to pay your student account in full, the account goes into internal collections and your account is billed a processing fee in addition to the monthly 1% interest charges. Both a transcript hold and registration hold will be placed on your student account. The Student Debt Management counselors can work with you to make payment arrangements with you if you are unable to pay your account in full. However, if the arrangements are not kept or sufficient, escalated collection activity may continue.


A hold prevents students from accessing a university service such as registration or access to transcripts. An action is required by the student to have the hold released. There are many departments across campus that are able to apply a hold on certain services, and the OSU Collections Department participates in that program. Holds will be placed on registration and transcripts if a student's OSU student account is past due or delinquent.

To View Holds

Log onto Student Online Services.

Any holds placed on your account will be visible on this screen. Contact information for the department issuing the hold will be listed next to the hold type. Please note that not all holds placed on student records/registration originate from the Business Affairs Office.

Registration Holds

OSU policy requires that currently enrolled students pay their account balances down to at least $2200.00, and outstanding charges are from only the two most recent terms before they can register for the next term. A registration hold generally exists because their student account exceeds $2,200.00. Students who have missed a term other than summer, must have their entire balance paid before they are able to register again.

Transcript Holds

The OSU policy regarding release of transcripts states that a student must have his/her account balance paid in full in order to receive their transcript, official or unofficial. This means any balance relating to a term for which grades have been posted to your transcript must be paid in full before any transcripts will be released. For more information about transcripts, please contact the OSU Registrar's Office.