Course Fees

There are some Oregon State University courses that require course fees. A listing of fees associated with specific courses can be found in the Schedule of Classes.

Building Fee

A fee assessed each term to all students to fund non-instructional buildings. These projects include recreational and student union types of buildings.

Incidental Fee

A fee assessed each term to all OSU students. Rates vary by institution, and are established at OSU by the Student & Incidental Fees Committee. The committee responds to requests for allocation of funds each year during winter term. The incidental fee's from the previous academic year were used for thirteen programs, including the following:

  • Memorial Union
  • Student Involvement
  • Recreational Sports
  • Educational Activities

Find out more about the student-led organizations that are supported by these fees at the Student & Incidental Fees Committee Website.

Counseling/Health Service Fees

The Health Fees are not health insurance.  These are fees which are assessed of all students each term. Rates are established on each campus and vary, depending upon such factors as enrollment, level of service offered to students, and operation costs of the facilities. The fee entitles the student to access the health care and counseling services offered. It is required as a prerequisite to purchasing student health insurance. The fee is not health insurance.

Matriculation Fee

Undergraduates: New undergraduates are charged a one-time fee at the start of their first term at OSU. This fee provides access to a variety of OSU programs and services at no additional charge. Programs and services included in the fee include, but are not limited to, open house programs, START, CONNECT, Odyssey, pre-enrollment advising, course drop/add/withdrawal, and official transcripts.

Graduate Matriculation Fee: New graduate students are assessed a one-time fee their first term at OSU.