The OSU Student Accounts department is responsible for maintaining the activity in the OSU Accounts Receivable system for students and non-students, and administering the charges for tuition and fees.

1098-T Tax Information
When 1098-T information becomes available • How to access 1098-T information

Billing and Refund Information
How and when billing statements are issued • Information on payment due dates • Interest rate for unpaid balances • Which payment methods are accepted

GRA/GTA Tuition Remission
How GRA/GTA tuition remissions are processed • When to expect to see tuition remissions posted • Credit hour obligations for GRA/GTAs

Scholarships - External Scholarship Check Disbursement
How scholarships are applied to student accounts • What to do when checks require a student signature • How scholarships are divided throughout the year • Where scholarship checks should be mailed

Staff Rates
Basic information regarding the Staff Rate program • Links to Human Resources for more information

Student Records & Privacy (FERPA)
How FERPA applies to Student Accounts • Information on release forms to release student account information

Third Party & Sponsor Payments
A description of third party billing • Contract requirements • Sponsor payment information

Tuition & Fees
Tuition and fee rates • Tuition calculator for estimating tuition and fee costs • Tuition reduction schedule for dropped/withdrawn courses