TouchNet Business Office Access (Web Departmental Deposits):

Web departmental deposits are batch deposits that can be submitted remotely using the TouchNet Cashiering Operations Center. To be granted Web Departmental Deposit Access in TouchNet Business Office, approval from a Business Center Manager or Business Center Finance and Accounting Manager (FAM) is required. Please contact the appropriate person from your Business Center and forward their approval to the Business Operations IT or ask them to email us directly. If you do not know who the appropriate person to contact is, you can find them in the Business Center Directory below. 

Business Center Directories:

Health Sciences Business Center (HSBC)

University Administration Business Center (UABC)

Arts and Science Business Center (ASBC)

Business and Engineering Business Center (BEBC)

Forestry, Oceanic, and Atmospheric Business Center (FOBC)

Agricultural Sciences and Marine Sciences (AMBC)

Auxiliaries and Activities Business Center (AABC)

Cascades Campus Business Office (CCBO)

To learn how to properly submit web departmental deposits please watch the "How to make a Web Departmental Deposit in TouchNet" tutorial or read the Web Departmental Deposit User Guide. Please feel free to contact Business Operations IT with any additonal questions.