Students who drop or withdraw from a class, or withdraw from the university may be eligible for a tuition refund. Refunds are based on assessed tuition, course fees, and mandatory fees, and are calculated from the date you officially drop, withdraw, or cancel your registration or reduce your class load, not the last date of class attendance. Please see "Registration Cancellation/Withdrawal from the University."

Refunds are processed as a credit on your account. A payment will be issued to you if any credit balance remains after other charges and financial aid repayments have been satisfied. No refunds are authorized for persons paying staff rates. Please see the refund policy for information on how refunds are processed.

The Tuition/Fee Reduction Schedule follows those policies as established by the Oregon University System for the regular academic year (there are no refunds given for persons paying staff rates):

Tuition Reduction Schedule

Drop/Withdraw Dates - Academic Year 2019-2020

Fall Tuition Credit Tuition Due
October 6th or Before 100% 0%
October 7th - October 20th 50% 50%
After October 20th 0% 100%
Winter Tuition Credit Tuition Due
January 12th or Before 100% 0%
January 13th - January 26th 50% 50%
After January 26th 0% 100%
Spring Tuition Credit Tuition Due
April 5th or Before 100% 0%
April 6th - April 19th 50% 50%
After April 19th 0% 100%