Business Operations Project

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In 2017 a review of business operations, Vice President for Finance & Administration Mike Green convened an oversight committee and engaged consultant Baker Tilly for the review of the university’s business processes and operations, specifically those of Business Affairs, Business Centers and the Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning. The consultant conducted a comprehensive review of the current business operations through 35 interviews and focus groups, collecting input and concerns across the university community. They reviewed a wide range of documents, such as policies and procedures, position descriptions, organizational charts and performance metrics.

The Baker Tilly final report received in December 2017 included their analysis and benchmarking of key business areas against peer institutions and industry best practices. At the request of the oversight committee, Baker Tilly provided an evaluation of strengthens and what is going well within the university’s business operations. Their findings included:

  • High level of employee commitment and dedication
  • Focus on providing quality customer service
  • Employee willingness and desire to invest effort into enhancing the business structure and operations
  • Stakeholders reporting a higher level of compliance, expertise and professionalism since the implementation of Business Centers

Baker Tilly recommended a number of improvements to business operations. The categorized recommendations are according to the internal controls framework developed by the enterprise risk management organization, COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations) of the Treadway Commission. The details of the recommendations are further outlined in the full report starting on page 6. 

Link to the full report