Project Team Work

  • Created a high level action plan addressing each of the findings to present to the Steering Committee and university leadership by June 30, 2018.
  • Convene stakeholders and experts from across the division and university, creating sub-committees/teams as appropriate, to take a deeper dive into the recommendations to identify opportunities and challenges and create and support strategic, creative and collaborative solutions.
  • Develop and/or assist sub-committees/teams with developing specific timelines and implementation plans for the recommended solutions.
  • Create and deliver communication updates throughout the project to stakeholders across the university.

Core Project Team Members

  • Jack Breen III, Chief Operating Officer, College of Agricultural Sciences

  • Kayla Campbell, Analyst - Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning

  • Tammy Jennings, Director - HR Service Center

  • Kelly Kozisek, Chief Procurement Officer - PCMM

  • Melora Park, Research Program Administrator - College of Forestry

  • Lissa Perrone, Director - Business Affairs

  • Marion Rossi, Associate Dean - College of Liberal Arts

  • Lisa Silbernagel, Finance & Accounting Manager - HSBC

  • Amanda Watts, Managing Fiscal Coordinator - VP for Research