Role of the executive Steering Committee 

  • Policy and risk tolerance discussions and decisions
  • Communicate and advocate with executive leadership project plan, updates, ongoing feedback/input, and finalized communication/implementation plans
  • Advice, feedback and recommendations for project proposals and solutions in each of the areas addressed in the overall project plan
  • Lead and communicate change management

Steering Committee Members
Mike Green, Vice President
Division of Finance & Administration
Mike Green
Susan Capalbo, Senior Vice Provost
Faculty Affairs
Susan Capalbo Mitzi Montoya, Dean
College of Business
Mitzi Montoya
Jon Dolan, Interim Vice Provost & CIO
Information & Technology
Javier Nieto, Dean
College of Public Health & Human Sciences
Javier Nieto
Roy Haggerty, Dean
College of Science
Roy Haggerty Patti Snopkowski, Chief Audit Executive
(ex-officio advisory member)
Patti Snopkowski
Cathy Hasenpflug, Chief Human Resources Officer
Office of Human Resources
Cathy Hasenpflug Kelly Sparks, Associate Vice President
Finance & Strategic Planning
Kelly Sparks
Dan Larson, Interim Vice Provost
Student Affairs
 Dan Larson Brian Wall, Assistant Vice President
Research Communication & Industry
 Brian Wall