Notice: To support the end of year student move-out and Commencement, Campus Recycling’s event recycling and trash services will be limited May 27 - June 19, 2019. We will make every effort to accommodate requests that are made at least 10 business days before your event if your request comes in before Memorial Day weekend. Requests for events hosted May 27 - June 19 that are submitted after Memorial Day or less than 10 business days before your event will not have priority and we may not be able to accommodate them.

OSU is a strong supporter of recycling in campus buildings and for special events.

Campus Recycling encourages you as an event planner, to consider implementing recycling and/or composting at your event. The following questions are designed to help us help you provide recycling at your event. For more guidance on providing recycling at your event, please visit our Events Recycling page.

Before completing this form: Please review our Recycle Guide to get a better understanding of what can and cannot be recycled through our system. if you are interested in providing compost services at your event, please look over OSU's compost policy and/or visit our Events Recycling page to determine if compost services are available for your event.

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