Know Before You Rent

The Enterprise/National rental contract (provided by the State of Oregon) includes insurance coverage:

  • Employee: Discount and Insurance coverage
  • Non-Employee: Discounts only

*For direct billing and discounted rates, reservations need to be made through the online portal or through our contracted travel agency (CIAzumano) for a fee.

*All other reservations (made through the branch or via telephone) will need to be paid out of pocket with a personal credit card.

Enterprise Car Rental Contract

*The price for economy car rental has increased from $31.61 to $33.66/day

*Drivers of vehicles with 10-passenger seating capacity must be 21 years old.

*Renters must be 25 years of age or older to rent 12 passenger vans.

International Car Rental

*OSU is unable to direct bill Foreign Car Rentals due to various foreign rental policies and insurance requirements.  Travelers will need to make reservations with a personal credit card and be reimbursed.

*It is suggested to review Risk Managements "Vehicle Use" regarding insurance coverages and international rental recommendations.

Other Information

*Per OSU FIS Travel Policy #03-140-403 - Ground Transportation, the use of 15 passenger van rental is not permited due to safety advisories.  Twelve (12) passenger vans are available for rent either through the car rental agency or OSU Motorpool.