Local businesses are the heart of the Corvallis community and at OSU we strive to connect with them whenever possible. One of the most crucial ways to make a difference is to use your power as a consumer, making your voice heard through your purchasing decisions. Buying locally not only supports our community and the people who work in it, but also reduces the environmental and financial impact of transporting products long distances.

OSU works with Portland-based Chinook Book to provide their app to the OSU community and help people discover local shopping opportunities and coupons. Joining the Sustainability Office in bringing these offers to OSU are Campus Recycling, the Student Sustainability Initiative and the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition. While special offers are available to the OSU community, everyone has access to local coupons in the app.

Your OSU email address now gives you full access to ALL coupons (even for Portland vendors)!

Chinook Book selects businesses based on their ability to do business in a connected way. The businesses must treat their employers and suppliers well, minimize their environmental impact, and support the community that supports them. Chinook Book uses a set of standards and criteria that include third Chinook Book Appparty certification and surveys to select merchants that include aspects of sustainability in their business.

To activate your free full access gift subscription, first download the app from chinookbookmobile.com and then create an account using your Oregon State University email address. That’s it!

Already have an account?  Email verification using an oregonstate.edu email address may be required. If you need help visit Chinook Book's Support.

Chinook Book has coupons for grocery stores, restaurants, retail businesses and is still growing. Check the app at least monthly for new offers.

Check out Oregon State's purchasing page to learn how the university uses its purchasing power to make a difference!