Contract Services is a service unit providing contract development support for OSU faculty and staff. Contract Services core services include:

  • Transaction Assessment. Review and investigate transactions. Coordinate conversations to define relationships, obligations, and expectations of the OSU Department.
  • Specific Contract Review. Application of contract review guidelines and best practices based on the type of contract.
  • Check-in with the Subject Matter Expert. Check-in with OSU's subject matter experts ("SME") for required reviews or on specific points of concern/issue.
  • Liability Assessment & Mitigation. Assess and mitigate liability and risk placed upon OSU in contracts.
  • Department Form & Elements. Ensure that the contract form is appropriate and contains essential elements.
  • Clarity. Review and redraft contracts for precision and clarity so that interpretation is limited to each party's intent.
  • Consistency. Ensure consistency of OSU's use of contract forms for transparency, equity among parties, and efficiency.
  • Templates. Create custom templates and update as needed.


Facility Use Agreement Forms

To be used for the use of OSU-owned or controlled facilities by non-OSU entities.

PCMM strongly recommends the use of University facilities be documented in writing.  This General Terms of Use of Access to University Facilities is intended to be used as an attachment to the OSU Use Permit form or other Facility Use/Reservation Form used by Departments for the use of their facilities.

To be used for the University's sale of testing and other services. For the use of this form, the service/activity must be published in OSU's Fee Book. If the service being offered for sale is not in the OSU Fee Book, please contact Contract Services for assistance.


Contact Us

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