Business Affairs develops and maintains the university’s sound financial and internal control structure in alignment with OSU’s strategic plan, OUS policy and GAAP.  We emphasize a service-oriented, team approach to providing financial information, systems, and policies that meet fiduciary and regulatory responsibilities, address the operational needs of the University’s departments, and serve the needs of our students, parents, alumni, fellow employees, and sponsors.


Business Affairs will:

  • Be a sought after employing department on campus for exceptional staff
    • Be a learning organization, where all staff members are empowered and supported in reaching their full potential
    • Embody a results orientation where employees accept responsibility with a “can do” attitude
  • Be a sought-after resource and recognized collaborative partner for the OSU community
    • Be recognized by the University community for excellence in service
    • Be seen as knowledgeable, supportive of constituent issues and needs, and as an integral “part of the solution”
    • Provide an acknowledged environment of transparency and open information sharing
  • Utilize a best practice model for a documented and sustainable knowledge base for the University’s financial accounting and controls systems
  • Effectively employ technology and resources to improve, standardize, streamline and automate processes
  • Positively affect and retain students through financial awareness, education, understanding and connection to appropriate resources

 Values and Guiding Principles:

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Fiscal conservatism and compliance
  • Collaborative and transparent
  • Continuous improvement
  • Respectful diversity

Strategic Initiatives:

Business Affairs’ strategic initiatives represent our leadership role associated with our employees, our customers and partners, the university students and our campus including:

  • Knowledge custodianship
  • Organizational and Employee development
  • Fiduciary responsibility and stewardship
  • Leadership through partnerships
  • Enriching the student experience
  • Sustainable excellence