Enter to win one of our great baskets!

Raffle tickets available starting Wednesday, February 5th at the Kerr Admin Building Cashier's Office - M-F 8:30am-4:30pm. 

Drawing will be held at 2pm, Friday, February 28th.  Winners will be contacted by phone.

Congratulations to our winners:

BBQ Bonanza - Alex Sims

Pampered Pets: Cat Edition - Joanne Bunnage

Pampered Pets: Dog Edition - Aimee Sims

Sweets and Treats - Charlotte Rooks

Tickets are $1 each, $5/6 tickets, and $10/15 tickets.

Questions?  Contact Patty DeLuca at patty.deluca@oregonstate.edu.

Looking for the Controller's Office Basket Auction?  You can find more great baskets here: www.32auctions.com/ControllersUnit2020

BBQ Bonanza

Items include: Wood smoke chips (hickory and apple) - Fish grill - BBQ sauce (x2) - Spices - Apron - Ice bucket - Corn on the cob holders - Skewers - Tablecloth - Pitmaster cook book - Grill gloves (x2) - Thermometer - BBQ tool set - Grill brush - Basting brushes (x2)

Pampered Pet - Cat Edition

Items include: Tented cat bed - OSU cat nip pad and cat nip - Cozy cat beds (x2) - Cat sign - Cat coffee cup - Cat post it notes - Cat sip milk - Cat food dish - Cat food - Cat love magnet - Scratch pad/toy - Cat kitchen towels - Cat toys - Cat treats - Top entry litter box

Pampered Pet - Dog Edition

Items include: Dog food bin - Dog treat bin and treats - Dog vacuum - OSU crate pad - Dog rules sign - Dog love magnet - Dog bed (large) - Dog cookies - Dental chews - Dog post it notes - Dog toys - Treat tote - Pick up bags - Canvas tote bag

Sweets and Treats

Items include: Starbucks gift card - Cheesecake Factory gift card - Safeway gift card - Candy dish - Ghirardelli triple chocolate brownie mix (6 pack) - Ghirardelli double chocolate brownie mix - Lindor truffles - Ghirardelli chocolates - Hershey bars - Snickers minis - Paper straws - Kahlua minis (x3) - Andes mints - Silicone candy mold - Ferrero Rocher chocolate - Jelly Belly (4lbs) - Dark chocolate and caramel pretzels - Red vines - Amish country popcorn

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