50/50 Virtual Bingo

Stop by Kerr B100 to buy your bingo cards.  $1 each or 6 for $5.  Cards are available to purchase February 1st-15th.  Bingo numbers will be announced each weekday on this site starting February 18th.  The first person* to get BINGO will receive 50% of the proceeds with the other 50% being donated to the OSU Food Drive.  As an added bonus, we have a pledge to match the donated amount!

New numbers will be posted by 10am Monday-Friday starting February 18th.

Got Bingo?  Contact Patty DeLuca at 541-737-0651 or patty.deluca@oregonstate.edu.


Dutch Mills Bulbs

Support the Linn-Benton Food Drive and OSU Business Affairs and PCMM; buy Dutch Mills flower bulbs by visiting our fundraising webpage and placing your order today! Orders are $10.00 each bulb kit and range from containing a few bulbs up to 24 depending on your chosen flower variety. We receive half of the profits to donate to the Food Drive. Also visit staff in Business Affairs (in Kerr B100) to see an ordering brochure. Ip person sales must be made by February 25th; online sales must be made by February 27th. Orders made through OSU staff will be held and ordered as a group once the final order date has passed.


*If more than one person gets BINGO, winners will split the proceeds.