Office of the Controller

Name Title Telephone
Heidi Sann AVP of Finance and Controller 541-737-7423
Rhonda Thomassen Executive Assistant for AVP and Controller 541-737-8827
Heather Hesano Director of Treasury 541-737-2003
Kelly Kozisek Chief Procurement Officer 541-737-2067
Lissa Perrone Director of Business Affairs 541-737-6127
Mark Fryman Director for Financial Accounting & Analysis 541-737-0624
Patty Deluca EmpCenter Product Manager 541-737-0651

Student Finance - Service, Accounting, & Reporting

Name Title Telephone Responsibility
Student Accounts & Billing General Office Contact 541-737-3775  
Greg Balck A/R Supervisor 541-737-3204 Policy, Compliance, & Advising
Russell Brown SIS A/R Analyst 541-737-0643 Tuition Assessment, Banner Analyst
Karen Ahonen Program Representative 541-737-0640 Non-Student Accounts & Perkins OSU Loans
Heidi Benninghoven Program Representative 541-737-6185 Sponsored Students - International
Vacant Program Representative 541-737-0642 Account Status, Payment Plans & Past Due Advising
Pam McPartlin Program Representative 541-737-3645 QC Audits & New Programs, Staff Fee Benefits, Sponsored Students - Military
Jessica Mousel Program Representative 541-737-0644 Sponsored Students - Domestic 
Cole Hansen Program Representative 541-737-0645 Refunding & Account Maintenance
Denise Fox Program Representative 541-737-0639 Scholarships - Outside & Athletic
Benjamin Garcia Program Representative 541-737-0642 Grad Programs - Fellowship Stipends, Staff Fee Benefits

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Cashier's Office

Name Title Telephone Responsibility
Cashiers General Office Contact 541-737-2597  
Zeah Seeber-Stoye Cashiers Operations Supervisor 541-737-4109 Policy, Compliance, & Training
Charlotte Hughbank Accountant 541-737-5862 Outgoing Wires & Change Orders
Shani Hernandez-Gilila Accountant 541-737-0617 Student & Departmental Deposits
Vacant Cashier 541-737-0554 Student & Departmental Deposits
Kirsten Bradford Cashier 541-737-0618 Student & Departmental Deposits
Vacant Accounting Tech 541-737-0619 Student & Departmental Deposits

ID Center

Name Title Telephone Responsibility
ID Center General Office Contact 541-737-2493  
Dan Hough Business Operations IT Manager 541-737-2935 Policy, Compliance, & Training
Jeff Gessert Coord-ID Center Operations 541-737-0515 Process and business development & analysis, card maintenance and support.
Robert Monasky Information Technology Consultant 541-737-0557 Hardware & Software Support

Financial Accounting & Analysis





Mark Fryman

Director for Financial Accounting & Analysis


Fee Committee, FOAPA chart, F&A Rate, OUS liaison, FIS Policy approval, Internal Control, Audits

Doug Botkin

Financial Reporting Manager


Financial and Internal Management Reporting, Strategic Modeling and Analysis, Debt Management

Charlotte Rooks

Manager for Analytical Operations


F&A Rate, Online Fees, JV Approval, FIS and PRO Policy updates, FOAPA committee

Ying Wang

Fiscal Coordinator 2


BAFF Budget, FUPLOADS, INTO, Inter-Institutional JVs, JV Approvals

Nancy Boedigheimer

Fiscal Coordinator 2


Assessments, Plant Funds, Fixed Asset support, F&A Rate, Fee Book Support

Iqbal Khurram

Fiscal Coordinator 1


Asset acquisitions, Inventory Management, Federal asset monitoring

Amy Donnelly

Fixed Asset Property Coordinator


Asset acquisitions, Inventory Management, Federal asset monitoring

Cindy Draper

Fiscal Policy Officer


FIS Policy Program Development & Management


Business Operations IT

Name Title Telephone
Business Operations IT Work Orders, eCommerce, FIS Access, Business Affairs Website, Process Analysis, Form Design, Banner Workflow 541-737-2666
Dan Hough Business Operations IT Manager 541-737-2935
Robin Whitlock Project and Business Analyst 541-737-0622

Matt Stoye

Information Technology Consultant 541-737-0654

Daniel Heidemeyer

Project Coordinator 541-737-1616


Name Title Telephone Responsibility
Payroll General Office Contact 541-737-3232  
Steve Nash Payroll Manager 541-737-9491 Payroll Policy, Compliance & Education
Sue Hall Assistant Payroll Manager 541-737-8610 Payroll Accounting
Payroll Expense and Encumbrance Posting
System and Fund Reconciliation

Emily Ferrin

Student Pay Specialist 541-737-0576

Student Pay
Check delivery

Jennie Smith Office Specialist 2 541-737-0575 Phone & Window service
Check distribution
Traci Yates HRIS Analyst 541-737-3770 International Employees
Payroll Processing
Auditing and Reporting
Jerie Thorson Administrative Program Specialist 541-737-0574 Faculty Salary & Academic Wage
9/12 Deferred Pay
Kristi Rietz HRIS Analyst 541-737-8611 EmpCenter Administration
Payroll Processing
OSCAR & Nolij
Morgan Hatch Fiscal Coordinator 1 541-737-0577 Classified & Temp. Pay
Fund Reconciliations
Vacant Payroll Accountant 541-737-0573

Graduate Pay
Fee Remissions

PCMM - Accounts Payable / eProcurement





Alex Sims

Sr Payment and Systems Manager


eProcurement, Manager of Accounts Payable, Approval Queue Maintenance

Rae Lee Aguilar

Accounts Payable Supervisor


FIS Group, Month-End and Year-End Coordination, JV and Invoice Approvals, OSUF liaison

Anthony Deck Accounting Technician 541-737-0653 AutoPay Vendor Processing, One Time Vendor Processing

Holly Holloway

Accountant 1


AutoPay Vendor Processing, One Time Vendor Processing, Communication Allowance Processing, Invoice, PO, and Encumbrance issues.

Stephanie Smith

Fiscal Coordinator 2


Travel Policy, Moving, Advances, Invoice Approvals, Airfare authorization, Student Group Travel Card

Lane Byrnes

Information Technology Consultant


eProcurement IT Consultant

Ashley Brown

Program Tech 1


Purchasing Cards (PCards), Corporate Travel Cards

Norma Cardona

Fiscal Coordinator 1


Payment Cancellations, Wire transfers, NRA Payments, 1099-MISC Processing, AP Check Run processing

Rachel Peterson Administrative Program Specialist 541-737-3571 Purchasing Cards (PCards)