Welcome to the Treasury Office

In support of the university's mission, the Treasury Office at Oregon State University is responsible for the safekeeping of financial resources through operations of the Internal Bank, oversight of cash management, investment management of operating funds, debt, compliance activities, financial partner relationships, and related processes, procedures, and controls.

The objectives are to:

  • efficiently and effectively carry out the treasury management function within the university;
  • facilitate the long-term financial stability of the university through effective asset/liability management strategies and optimizing the university’s capacity to access the capital markets at a reasonable cost; and 
  • accumulate unrestricted net assets for the university.







Banking Project

OSU has engaged JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. in an independent banking relationship as an additional service provider to the university for select banking services.

The goals of the banking project include: 

  • adding value and flexibility to OSU’s banking services; 
  • implementing efficient, automated processes; and 
  • providing modern service options to students, faculty, and staff.


OSU Bank Change Notice Summary    

OSU has transitioned to a new banking relationship with JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.   

What does this means for you? As of April 1, 2021:   

  • If you receive a physical check, starting with your April paycheck, your check will appear slightly different with OSU’s current logo and other updated check details.
  • If you cash your check rather than deposit it into an account, there may be a fee.  You should confirm with your banking partner whether this will impact you. As of April 1st you should be able to cash your check at any JPMorgan Chase Bank branch without a service fee. 
  • If you have any uncashed paycheck(s) issued through Oregon State Treasury prior to April 1st that are still valid, you are encouraged to deposit or cash these checks with your banking partner or at a U.S. Bank branch to avoid check cashing fees.
  • You are not required to  switch to direct deposit, however, employees are encouraged to use this convenient, timely, and secure  option.  You can find out more at https://fa.oregonstate.edu/business-affairs/direct-deposit-sign-up.

For more information about OSU’s banking project find FAQ’s here: https://fa.oregonstate.edu/controller/treasury/banking-project.

If you have questions regarding your pay and the transition to JPMorgan Chase Bank please contact paymaster@oregonstate.edu.