Oregon State University Chart of Accounts & FOAPA Element Requests

F-O-A-P-A (Fund-Organization-Account-Program-Activity)

Structural changes to the chart and requests for additions, changes (including reactivations), and terminations of the following Banner chart elements are coordinated through the Controllers Unit - Financial Accounting and Reporting group, in cooperation with the Office of Budget & Resource Planning and Research Office:





Fund Types (FT)  include Budgeted Operations, Designated Operations, Service Departments, Auxiliaries, Endowments, Valuation Reserves and Agency Funds.

Excludes Restricted1 and Plant2 Funds.

use the Chart Element Request forms below

Organizations (Orgs) All Organization Codes, including HRIS "Major" Orgs. use the Chart Element Request forms below
Accounts All Account Codes  Account Code Request Form
Programs All Program Codes use the Chart Element Request forms below
Activity Codes

All Activity Codes

Online Activity Code Input System (OACIS)

Instructions for using OACIS - User Instructions (pdf)

Index Codes

All Index Codes for Fund-Org-Program combinations of the above Elements (excludes Restricted1 and Plant2 Funds).

For "Index only" use the Chart Element Request forms below. Otherwise, include on the same request form with the pertinent Fund, Org or Program.

1Restricted (FT3x): Contact the Research Office/Office of Post Award Administration for assistance.
2Plant (FT8x): Contact Capital Planning & Development for assistance.


Chart Element New and Change Requests - FOAPA Chart Element Request Form (xlsx)

Chart Element Termination Requests - Chart Element Termination Form (xlsx) with look up enabled. (Updated 02/2024)

Contact foapa_requests@oregonstate.edu for assistance with questions.