Financial Strategic Services (FSS) offices will be closed Friday afternoon, May 31, to allow FSS employees to participate in an annual team building exercise.


Financial Strategic Services (FSS)

  • Assists university leaders in understanding and telling the story of their financial data.
  • Analyzes and adds context to financial data and reports to inform management decisions.
  • Anticipates and advises leadership of issues that may impact a unit’s finances.
  • Provides financial and compliance guidance to assist in management of restricted funds.
  • Conveys unit financial status to the OSU Budget Office to inform reports to the Board of Trustees.
  • Works with units to navigate business processes.
  • Assists with the financial onboarding of new managers and leaders.
  • Translates fiscal policy for a general audience and adds rationale as necessary.
  • Seeks to ensure proper stewardship and accounting of OSU’s financial resources.