scanned receipt

  1. Date: Current Date.

  2. ID Number: ID number of the employee, or vendor ID number.

  3. Name/Description Field: Who the deposit is from or what the deposit is for, not the depositing department; could include name, invoice number, workshop, etc. as this is what appears in the description field in FIS and Data Warehouse. There are 30 characters available in this Banner field.

  4. Document: For depositing department use; could be check number, line item date, etc. This field is generally not entered by Cashiers, and is not part of the description reflected in FIS and Data Warehouse.

  5. Index: Index, if deposit is to go to an operating fund. Leave blank if using a General Ledger fund.

  6. Fund: General Ledger fund, if not being deposited to an operating fund. Leave blank if using an operating fund.

  7. Acct: Account Code. Must be entered, for a list of relative account codes refer FASOM

  8. Actv: Activity code, if one is being used.

  9. Amount: Amount of deposit relative to specific line of deposit.

  10. Total: Total amount being deposited.

  11. Dept: Department making the deposit.

  12. By: Name or initials of the employee completing the form.

  13. Phone: Phone number of the employee completing the form.

Keep the Pink copy for your records of what was sent to Cashier's Office.

Send White and Yellow copies to Cashier's Office, Kerr Admin Bldg.

The Yellow copy will be returned to you with cashiering deposit stamp, and receipt number.

Please reference this 7 digit receipt number when communicating questions to Cashier's Office.