Debt Policy (pdf)

Formalizes the connection between the university’s strategic plan and the issuance of debt including coordinating debt management decisions with asset management decisions to optimize the overall funding and portfolio management strategies.

Internal Bank Policy (pdf)

One of the objectives of the Internal Bank is to facilitate the long-term financial stability of the university through effective asset liability management. 

Liquidity Management Policy (pdf)

Focuses on meeting financial cash needs during the operating cycle (sources and uses limited to five years).

Investment Policy (pdf) / Public University Fund Investment Policy (pdf)

Provides guidelines for suitable investments while maximizing the efficiency of the university’s cash management program. Operating assets are invested in the Public University Fund (PUF) managed by the Oregon State Treasury and governed by the Public University Fund Investment Policy. Endowment assets are managed by the Oregon State University Foundation (OSUF) governed by the Oregon State University Fund Management Agreement and Board-approved OSUF Endowment Fund & Pooled Investment Policy.

Financial Metrics  

The university monitors five financial metrics to assist the Board in evaluating debt capacity and affordability, as described below.

Financial Measures

As of October 8, 2021, the university monitors five financial metrics to assist the Board and stakeholders in evaluating the financial and operational performance outcomes, as follows:

Financial Peer Group Institutions

The defined peer group for OSU is made up of universities that meet specific criteria:

  • Moody's rated in Aa2 or Aa3 category
  • Land Grant Institution
  • Tier 1 Research Institution
  • No patient-related revenue (no affiliated hospital)


Peer Group List (as of Oct. 2021)

Auburn University                                      Oklahoma State University
Clemson University                                    University of Arizona
Colorado State University                         University of Florida
Iowa State University                                 University of Georgia
Kansas State University                             University of Hawaii
Michigan State University                          Washington State University
Montana State University                          West Virginia University