Treasury Operations is responsible for accepting tuition payments, transmission of student refunds for payment, and supplying short-term emergency loans. Additionally, our department services include processing deposits and supporting OSU credit card merchants. Cash handling services including petty cash, change funds, and temporary funds. Staff also provide compliance support to the cash handling policy and for eCommerce (electronic commerce).



Cashier Services

Photo ID is needed for all transactions at the Cashier service windows in the Kerr Administration Building. If you are receiving money (financial aid check, employee reimbursement, etc.), two (2) forms of picture ID are required. If you are making a payment to a student account, the fastest way is to bring your OSU ID. You must at least know the OSU ID number of the account you are paying. Payments forms and envelopes for the drop box are also available in the lobby at the Cashier service windows.

Additional information pertaining to Cashier services:


Student Services

Tuition and Bill Payment options are to pay online or at the Cashier's window in Kerr.

  • Student Billing (online tuition and bill payment details)
  • Card payments are not accepted at the Cashier window. There is currently no ATM within the building.

Sign Up For Direct Deposit

Emergency Loans

  • Emergency loans are short term loans of up to $350.00. One emergency loan of any amount is allowed each term, and prior emergency loans must be repaid before a new loan is approved and paid.
  • Eligibility: To be eligible to receive an emergency loan, students must be enrolled at least half-time, be degree-seeking, and not have any active financial holds. Emergency loans are intended to assist students, therefore if your primary affiliation with OSU is as an employee, you are not eligible for emergency loans.
    • To see if you are eligible, log in to MyOregonState. Choose the Banner Self Service option in the lower right-hand section of the Welcome Page. Click on Student Accounts and select the link to verify your emergency loan eligibility.

Emergency Loan process:

  1. Once you have verified your loan status, please email your ONID email to to request an application.
  2. Return the completed application from your ONID email to for review and approval.
  3. Loan funds should be received in 3-5 business days if you are enrolled in direct deposit; the funds will go to your bank. Otherwise, a check will be mailed to your current mailing address on file and should be received in 10-14 days. Make sure you have updated your current mailing address prior to submitting this application.
  4. Emergency loans are posted to the student’s OSU account and are assessed interest charges accordingly. The interest rate for all outstanding student account balances is 12% APR (1% per month).
  5. Repayment:  Please note that emergency loans are not automatically paid by federal financial aid funds, although a student can choose that option.  Non-federal scholarships and grants pay off any kind of account charges including emergency loans. You can check your student account balance anytime in MyOregonState (link:
Keep Your Mailing Address Current

Students may change their current mailing address listing at the Office of the Registrar or by logging in to MyOregonState, and under Resources clicking on 'View/Update Address and Phone'.


Department Services


Important Dates and Deadlines

Cashier services must receive cash receipts by noon on the last business day of each month to ensure inclusion in that month's processing. Departments are required to deposit on a daily basis. Cash deposits must be hand delivered to the Cashier services window for dual custody counting.


All incoming monies should be acknowledged by receipt when accepted or received by mail and forwarded to the cashier services for processing within one business day, using the OSU Cash Receipts Record form to indicate where the funds should be deposited. Endorse checks with a restrictive endorsement immediately. Departments must deposit monies within one business day after collection or receipt of such monies. For more information, please see the Cash Handling Handbook.

Web Departmental Deposits

Web departmental deposits are batch deposits that can be submitted remotely using TouchNet Cashiering Operations Center.

Credit Card Deposits

Departments may accept credit cards for payment of services, product, etc. All sales must comply with the policies regarding eCommerce and the sales of goods and services.

If you are currently not a credit card merchant, please visit the OSU eCommerce page for more information or email

Incoming Electronic Funds Transfers (ACH and Wire)

OSU accepts ACH and wire transfers of funds as payment. Individuals or organizations sending an electronic funds transfer to Oregon State University should email the following information to for prompt application upon receipt of the funds.

  • Beneficiary name, street address, City/State/Country
  • Receiving bank, street address, City/State/Country
  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number
  • Purpose or description
  • Originator
  • Originating Country
  • Dollar amount
  • Date to be sent
  • Document number

Oregon State University deposit instructions can be provided by Cashier services upon request to provide to a paying individual or organization. Please email to request the deposit instructions.

Electronic Funds Transfer Reversals (ACH and Wire)

Cashier services will coordinate ACH and wire transfer reversal with the requestor and appropriate paying department. Student Account Services is to be engaged if the payment return is related to a student account. Accounts Payable is to be engaged for all other payments.


Cash Services


Petty Cash Fund

Petty cash funds are set up for the purpose of paying for small office supplies. It is not for the purpose of refreshments, entertainment, travel, hosting, conference registrations, or membership fees. Petty Cash purchases have the same documentation requirements and fall under the same restrictions as all other OSU purchases. Please refer to the OSU Petty Cash policy 03-140-204 for more information.

The Petty Cash Fund is established under an individual's name, and that person will be responsible for the fund as the petty cash custodian. The department head is responsible for informing Cashier services when there is a change in the designated custodian. Cashier services must approve and process any changes to the custodian information.

Custodian Responsibilities are outlined in the policy.

At fiscal year-end, June 30, Cashier services will send a Petty Cash Reconciliation Report to the custodian for completion.

  • The completed report is returned to Cashier services as part of the year-end closing process by the last business day in June.
  • The size and activity level of the petty cash fund should be reviewed on an annual basis to determine if the amount is appropriate and if the fund is still needed.
Change Fund

Change funds are set up for the purpose of providing currency and coin to departments where cash sales will be made on a regular basis for services or goods. This is different from a petty cash fund. No expenditures of any kind can be made from a change fund. A change fund is an imprest amount on file with Cashier services. This amount should always equal your cash on hand.

Custodian Responsibilities

  • Ensure that the change fund is reconciled at all times. The cash should always equal the fund balance.
  • Ensure that the funds are kept in a secure location, such as a locked cash box or locked desk drawer. The Custodian should maintain possession of the key. Funds should never be left unlocked or unattended and should be concealed from general view when not in use.
  • Change funds and associated documents should not be combined or commingled with any other departmental funds.

Annual Reconciliation of Change Funds is to be filed with Cashier services as part of the year-end closing process by the last business day in June.

Temporary Change Fund

A temporary change fund can be obtained from Cashier services for your department's OSU event. The purpose of this temporary change fund is to provide currency and coin for events where cash sales will be made. This is different from a petty cash fund. No expenditures of any kind can be made from a change fund. The department withholds the change fund amount from the total sales at the event and returns the whole original change fund amount to Cashier services in the Kerr Administration Building. The change fund must be requested 10 business days in advance and must be returned within 5 business days following the event. The Request Form must be completed and signed by the Business Manager or related authority. Remember to bring proper ID and a copy of the completed form to the Cashier services window when you pick up the temporary change fund. Any funds not returned within 5 business days following the event will be charged to the index on file. 

Employee Payroll Checks (up to $500)

OSU issued payroll checks up to $500 may be cashed at no charge. The payee must be present and endorse the check at the Cashier services window and have two forms of photo ID. Cashing personal checks is not an available service.

Key Deposit Refunds (Key Deposit Policy Discontinued January 13, 2014)

If an employee returns an OSU key to the Key Shop that included a deposit when issued, the Key Shop will provide the employee with a slip for reimbursement of the initial key deposit. The reimbursement slip is to be brought to a Cashier service window where the refund will be processed. If you are not currently on campus, a refund can still be processed for you. Please contact your department for more details.