State of Oregon has contracted with US Bank to issue the corporate travel cards. Corporate travel cards are provided as a convenience to OSU travelers. Card holders can conveniently use the card for business travel including making reservations and payments for lodging, meals, car rental and miscellaneous expenses. Employees may also use the card to draw money from Automated Teller Machine (ATM) as cash advance for business use without personally incurring cash advance fees. When traveling, it is also safer to carry the card than cash. The use of the card also reduces the administrative burden on OSU departments. For more information, check with your department administrator.

The use of the corporate travel card is limited to business travel related expenses. Employees may not use the corporate travel card on non business related expenses.

The corporate travel card is a personal liability credit card. The employees are solely liable for charges to their account in accordance with the agreement between US Bank and the employee. The full amount on the US Bank monthly statement is due upon receipt. Late charges may be assessed by US Bank in accordance with the card agreement. US Bank may also terminate a delinquent account.

US Bank corporate card is valid only while the employee is on active status. When an employee's job is terminated, the card will be cancelled.