1. Floor drain
    2. Ceramic or Seamless floor
    3. Keyed hot water hose bib under sink
    4. Wall-mounted partitions, preferred
    5. Isolation valves
    6. Architect to show location, elevations, and correct size of bathroom accessories on plans. Refer to Construction Standards 01 10 02 Accessibility Best Practices for OSU.  Some equipment may need to be recessed to comply.
    7. Built-in dispensers will not be allowed
    1. Toilet seat cover dispenser, Georgia Pacific white #57710 ½ fold.
    2. Dispenser, soap – Signatory FMX-12 foam soap dispenser available through Coastwide Laboratories (541-926-3289). Owner Furnished, Contractor Installed (OFCI)
    3. Roll towel dispenser, Georgia Pacific Pacific Blue Ultra Mechanical, Black, #59589. Owner Furnished, Contractor Installed (OFCI). (See OSU Construction Standard 01 12 00 Accessibility Best Practices for OSU.)
    4. Sanitary receptacle – Rubbermaid 6140 wall mount white, plastic
    5. Toilet paper dispenser, roll – Georgia Pacific 56784 Compact roll Coastwide (541-926-3289).
    6. Electric hand drying equipment when approved by OSU Project Manager.
      1. Operation
        1. No heating element, high velocity air (aka compression or motor heated air)
        2. Touch free activation via infrared sensor
        3. 15 seconds or faster drying time
        4. 85 dB or lower sound level; some sound sensitive areas or where there are no restroom doors may need to receive equipment with maximum 77 dB sound power level
        5. Optional air filtration provided at OSU’s request
        6. Electrical
          1. 1400 watts or lower operating power consumption
          2. 110-120V, 208-240V or 220-240V compatibility, depending on application
          3. Standby power consumption of 2 watts or lower
        7. Construction
          1. Housing should minimize maintenance needs and retain clean appearance under low maintenance conditions. Acceptable housing materials include ABS plastic, stainless steel and aluminum
        8. Warranty minimums: 5 year parts, 1 year labor
    1. Towel dispensers as needed for laboratory operations
    2. Georgia Pacific Max 3000 Double Roll 58445 x series Black
    3. Paper towel dispenser, single-fold Georgia Pacific 56701
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