1. All items are to be commercial grade; NO residential grade.
    2. All items taller than 6 feet must be secured to building structure to prevent tipping. Freestanding cabinets and bookcases should be evaluated for height and weight to determine if they should be secured to the wall using common earthquake restraint practices.
    3. Clear or natural wood finishes are preferred.
    4. No furniture, including systems furniture panels, may cover radiators, valves, environmental controls, equipment, data and electrical outlets, etc.
      1. If building system and mechanical equipment items are obstructed by furniture, the department shall be responsible for the cost to remove and/or disassemble furniture to access equipment.
    5. Adjustable Wall Shelving:
      1. Rail, bungee, or strapping systems should be incorporated to restrain shelving contents.
      2. Vertical Standard: Knap & Vogt 85 double slot, heavy duty; 4ft length typical.
      3. Bracket:  Knapp & Vogt 185 double bracket, heavy duty; 12in depth typical.