The following information is for specific room and space types and is in addition to standards listed in Divisions 01 – 34.

  1. SPECIAL PURPOSE ROOMS: Controlled environment; Fabricated Rooms; Vaults
    1. Specialty use areas can include laser rooms, high radioisotope use or biosafety Level 3 or animal biosafety Level 2 or 3. Due to their complex nature, design requirements for specialty use areas should be discussed with EH & S to determine specific needs. Design requirements will vary depending on user activity and the nature of work.
    2. Minimum personnel access opening size allowed is either 24in x 30in or the minimum emergency access required by fire rescue standards; whichever is greater.
    3. No mixing storage tanks. 
    4. No acid treatment tanks. 
    5. Refer to the Appendices for specific special purpose room requirements