1. LBP (lead-based paint) in this section refers to levels of lead in paint defined by state and federal regulations. Current definition is 1.0 mg/cm2 painted surface or 0.5% by weight (5000 mg/kg) of a sample of ALL layers of paint.
    2. On every OSU project involving existing OSU facilities, the project team shall request a LBP survey from OSU Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) prior to project bidding. The project team will provide a reasonably detailed scope of work to direct the survey.
    3. Surveys will be performed by EH&S or an independent consultant directed by EH&S.
    4. All projects that require LBP to be REMOVED from surfaces will include an LBP sub-project coordinated by EH&S and Facilities Services under separate contract.
    5. OSU will be responsible for disposal of all removed LBP.
    6. Surfaces that do not have LBP can be handled by any contractor or university personnel.
    7. Surfaces with detectable concentrations of lead, but below the regulatory definition of LBP, must be handled in accordance with OR-OSHA rules. Contractors are responsible for performing this type work as part of their contract. Isolation of such projects must prevent migration of lead into occupied areas.
    8. Surfaces containing LBP that will be removed or demolished, without removing paint, are the sole responsibility of Contractor to perform in accordance with OR-OSHA rules. Isolation of such projects must prevent migration of lead into occupied areas.
    9. Contractor will be responsible for disposal of all removed components containing LBP under direction of EH&S. Sampling and special disposal may be required for certain waste streams.
    10. All Contractors working on LBP surfaces in child-occupied facilities must be lead-certified, regardless of scope of work. Contractor shall consult with OSU EH&S prior to starting work to review isolation, notifications, and cleanup plans and to observe clearance monitoring.

    1. OSU has made a reasonable attempt to locate and identify lead or other hazardous material that may be encountered during the course of the Work.  If levels are found, the following conditions apply.
    2. Contractor shall remove paint as specified for surface preparation and capture removed material for disposal.
    3. Contractor shall follow OSHA guidelines involving exposure to workers.
    4. OSU will provide containers for Contractor’s use at project site.
    5. Contractor shall comply with the requirements of DEQ and EPA and shall submit a lead abatement plan.
    6. Contractor shall separate lead contaminated material from effluent and water.
    7. OSU will dispose of lead paint and effluent resulting from stripping operation.
    8. Soil contaminated by stripping operations shall be replaced with topsoil.
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