1. The products identified herein are the preferred products for placement on OSU campus. Substitutions may be made provided the vendor, contractor, designer, etc. receives written approval from the University Land Use Manager for the suggested substitution.
    2. The paint color for all furnishing, regardless if substitution is granted, is to be:
      1. OSU Black – Paint: Shall be Sherwin Williams “Tricorn Black” SW 6258; 50 percent gloss. Powder coat: Cardinal BK78 Black.
      2. OSU Orange – PPG # 90-313 – “Safety Orange”.
    3. Cast in place retaining walls/seat walls and benches must be chamfered with grooves, for sufficient depth installed on all edges, to deter skateboards.
      1. Continuous surface/edge without skate deterrent must not exceed 4 ft.
    4. All site furnishings will be designed with an appropriately engineered footing, where required.
    5. At a minimum, there shall be a trash receptacle and recycling bin at every entry to the building.

    1. Benches
      1. Campus Standard Bench
        1. Radius Pipe Bending Matt’s Bench. 6-foot, powder-coated steel, color: black.
      2. Accessible Bench
        1. Radius Pipe Bending custom OSU accessible bench. 6-foot, powder-coated steel, color: black.  Provide with one open end (no armrest).
    2. Tables with seating
      1. Carousel; Catena table top, grid chairs with backs or without backs, powder coated, color: black
      2. 3 - 5 seats to meet ADA
      3. table: 42” diameter x 29” height
      4. Manufacturer: Landscape Forms, 800-521-2546
    3. Sign Posts:  Refer to Construction Standards 10 14 00 Signage for information
    4. Bicycle Racks
      1. OSU Campus Standard Bike Racks
        1. Various length, depending on number of hoops (2-5 hoops available) Hoop-Style, tubular steel Bike Rack. Black powder coated finish; non-powder coat steel requires frequent painting of racks. Installation of 5- hoop racks is encouraged to provide flexibility in relocation.
        2. Provide pipe cross bar at 18” height at ends of bike racks where they are open to pedestrian traffic.
        3. Available at Radius Pipe Bending Co.; Prairie Road, Junction City, OR 97448.
        4. All racks to be welded to 2” channel iron base rails.  Embedded racks are prohibited.
        5. Specification:   
      2. Covered Bicycle Racks
        1. Light Fixture
          1. Spectrum lighting
          2. 6” x 11” round cylinder LED light fixture
          3. SPC0611LED or approved equal
      3. Skateboard Rack
        1. Boardloch
          1. Genesis or approved equal
        2. 7 wall or approved equal mounted skateboard rack
      4. Bike Shelters – See Diagram 32 33 00A-D at the end of this Section.
        1. Single Bike Shelter
        2. Double Bike Shelter
    5. Recycling/Trash Receptacles- Interior and Exterior
        1. Trash Receptacles: Victor Stanley, Inc. www.victorstanley.com 'Ironsites' Series Model S- 42
        2. Metal receptacle: Combination recycling-trash receptacles should be placed where appropriate in landscape and site design. Outdoor receptacles are available in a 4- or 3-chamber design. Four-chamber receptacle should be used except in special cases where walkway width restrictions require a slimmer profile.
        3. Combination trash/recycle Triple Receptacle is available from Recycle Away:  http://www.recycleaway.com/Triple-Recycling-Rendezvous-Receptacle-with-Bonnet-Top_p_319.html.  Bonnet top is essential for minimizing rain collection.
        4. Receptacles are available from RJH Enterprises, Inc., Corvallis, Oregon. They hold 3 or 4 Rubbermaid 23 gallon “slim jims,” have full height internal partition and swinging doors that meet fire code for exterior AND interior use, and are constructed as per the drawings below. Receptacles must be powder coated.
          1. See Diagram 32 33 00E at the end of this Section
        5. Serviceable plastic insert: Rubbermaid 23 gallon “slim jims” with specifications and dimensions as per the following drawing.
          1. See Diagram 32 33 00F at the end of this Section.


Diagram 32 33 00 A:  Single Bike Shelter

Diagram 32 33 00B Single Beke Shelter Section

Diagram 32 33 00 C Double Bike Shelter


Diagram 32 33 00 D Double Bike Shelter Section


Diagram 32 33 00E




Diagram 32 33 00F