1. All new, repaired and/or modified irrigation systems required as part of the project shall be designed and installed in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations.
      1. Irrigation Drawing shall show and account for all existing utilities and surface features.
      2. Irrigation design velocities shall not exceed five (5) feet per second. 
      3. All irrigation systems shall have a designated meter service and backflow.  Deduction meters off domestic service for irrigation will not be acceptable.
      4. The University operates its automated irrigation from a Maxicom Multi-Site Irrigation Central Control System. 
      5. Refer to Section 22 05 00, Common Work for Plumbing, for additional guidance.
      6. Irrigation controllers shall not be on a shared circuit.  See OSU Construction Standard Section 26 00 00, Electrical.
      7. Existing landscape must remain irrigated throughout the duration of the project.
      8. A water audit performed by an Irrigation Association (IA) Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor, conducted in accordance with the current IA audit standards for all new, as well as existing, irrigated zones shall be completed.  An audit report shall be approved by the OSU Landscape Manager or designee.
    1. Pipe and Fittings:
      1. Pipe- Polyvinyl Chloride 1120, Schedule 40, Type 1, normal impact: IPS, NSF approved; conform to ASTM D1784, 02241.
      2. Fitting- Polyvinyl Chloride Type 1, white schedule 40 and gray schedule 80; ASTM D1784, ASTM D2466, or ASTM D2464, as applicable.
      3. Sleeve- Polyvinyl chloride type Schedule 40, ASTM D1784, ASTM D2241. Any other pipe unacceptable.
      4. Risers- Polyvinyl Chloride Type 1, one piece schedule 80 gray PVC nipple, threaded both ends.  ASTM D1784, ASTM D2464.  No snap-risers.
      5. Swing Joint and Fittings- Install double swing joint risers at all rotors as detailed.  Swing-Pipe, snap, and "Funnypipe" risers not acceptable.
      6. Flex Riser- Assembly (spray heads only): 18" minimum, 3' maximum Swing Pipe with transfer barb 90 degree ells at both ends, and a marlex ell below the irrigation head.
      7. Electrical conduit and fittings- All fittings and pipe shall be installed per all applicable electrical code and per Electrical Division 26 00 00. All electrical conduit needs to be hard pipe, no flex pipe.
    2. Irrigation Sleeves
      1. 4” or 6” (4” min.) Sch. 40 PVC Sleeves are required where irrigation pipe and/or wires cross under all hardscape surfaces. Sleeves shall extend one foot beyond edge of hardscape surfaces and set at depth in accordance with typical irrigation mainline depths.
    3. PVC Solvent Cement
      1. NSF approved solvent for Class 1245-B&C PVC, through 4". Conform to ASTM D2564.  R.G. Sloan Weld-On, Christy’s or other pre-approved.  Ensure that manufacturer's expiration date is not exceeded.
    4. Cleaner and Primer
      1. Industrial Polychemical Service Co., Inc., No. P-70, or type as recommended by PVC Pipe Manufacturer
    5. Irrigation Heads:
      1. Spray heads shall be professional/commercial grade.
        1. Rainbird, 1800 PRS series, Hunter PRS 40 MP Rotator,
        2. Mid- size, gear drive, Hunter I-20 SS low angle and short radius, Rainbird 5000.
        3. Large turf areas, Hunter I-20 SS or I-25 SS Series stainless steel.
          1. All spray heads installed with flex pipe, rotors installed with PVC swing joint assemblies
        4. Drip systems shall be installed only where conventional spray head systems are impractical, due to design constraints or other factors.  Design Professional shall receive the approval of the Responsible Maintenance Manager prior to design of system.
          1. When used, they must be Rainbird brand drip line with automated stainless steel filtration system.
    6. Valves
      1. Isolation Valves: Nibco T-113 gate valve w/ bronze handle or approved.
      2. Automatic Control Valves:  Globe type, 200 psi rated, threaded connections, with cross type operating handle designed to receive operating key: Rainbird PEB-PRS-D Series, or pre-approved equal.  Size according to valve schedule on Drawing.
      3. Shut-Off Valves @ Control Valves: USA manufacture, gate valves.  120 PSI cold water rated, construction to be brass or bronze on 2" and under valves. All gate valves to have bronze handle. Unionized angle-globe type sized to match mainline; Nibco, Champion or pre-approved equal.
      4. Quick Coupling Valves: New quick coupler valves are no longer be allowed.  See hose bibb valve.
      5. Hose Bibb Valve:   3/4" inverted garden valve, heavy duty w/ floating seat, loose key.  Nibco or pre-approved equal.
      6. Manual Drain Valves: Globe or angle brass manual valves by Nibco, Champion or other pre-approved equal; all valves to have non-floating seat disk that allows positive drainage.
      7. Master Valve: Normally open and flanged at both ends. Bermad 710 series or pre-approved equal.
    7. Valve Boxes
      1. Planting Areas: Size box to encompass all valves and/or fittings. Each with corresponding lid bolted closed.  Black boxes and Green T-Top lids in lawns, Black boxes and Brown Mulch T-Top lids in plant beds.  Boxes shall be set to finish grade and slope of lawn/planter bed.  Box assembly shall be deep enough to fully house valve assembly without components being buried. 
      2. Pavement Areas: Traffic rated, mark all lids with permanent "Irrigation” label.  Brook’s, Christy’s, Oldcastle Precast or other pre-approved equal.
      3. Automatic control valve assembly: Standard/Jumbo (12" high minimum): Hose bibb: 10" Round, Manual drain valve: 10" Round.  Ametek/Armor/Pentek or pre-approved manufacturer.
    8. Zone Control Wire
      1. Provide according to manufacturer's wire schedule for valve specifications.  14 gauge minimum.  Type AWG-UF, bearing U.S. approval. Spare set of control wires to be run to each valve. Colors: Red (control valve), white (common), yellow (spare common), black (spare control) and blue (tracer).
    9. Communication Wire
      1. Maxicom Communication Wire: 19 AWG CATS min., PE 89 cable, 6 pair, or approved equal.
    10. Wire Connections
      1. Zone Control Wires: 3M Brand, DBY, Direct Bury Splice Kit or approved equal.
      2. Communication Wires: UR-2 butt splice kit 034005 or pre-approved equal.
        1. Splice is only allowed at the termination to connect to the flow sensor.
    11. Utility Locator Wire
      1. 14 gauge minimum.  Type AWG:-UF, bearing U.S. approval. Blue in color.
    12. Flow Sensor
      1. Rainbird Flow sensor, 4” tee type sensor (FS300P), model M80104 or pre-approved equal.
    13. Backflow Prevention Device
      1. Refer to plumbing fixtures, Section 22 40 00.
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