1. All electronic access devices shall be Hirsch compatible.
    2. All entry devices must be capable of being overridden by an Oregon State University Master Key.
    3. All entrances shall be designed with appropriate air locks.
    4. All entrances shall have a built in mat and/or dirt catch system.
    5. All main entrances to new buildings or buildings that are significantly renovated shall include a fully automatic door at main entrance.
    6. All other doors to new buildings shall be ADA accessible. Refer to Construction Standard 01 10 02 Accessibility Best Practices for OSU.
      1. The doors shall have proximity sensors placed at an accessible and appropriate location and centered 33 inches from the finished floor.
      2. All doors shall have levers and power assist if over 5 pounds force is necessary to open.
      3. Door operating hardware shall be in an easily and fully accessible location.
    7. University Housing & Dining Services has separate requirements for door operating hardware for its facilities. Design teams are to incorporate the UHDS standards for work on UHDS facilities.  The OSU Project Manager will provide contact information for UHDS.