1. Provide access panels in non-accessible ceilings wherever there is equipment or a device that needs maintenance (valves, dampers, junction boxes, terminal units, etc.).
    2. Access panel sizes shall be sized to accommodate the removal of largest piece of equipment in that space. The location of access panels shall be reviewed by the OSU Project Manager and the applicable shop/s to ensure the location is accessible for maintenance and operation requirements.
      1. Access panel shall be, at a minimum 36” X 48” where the equipment or device is less than 18” from the finished ceiling.
      2. Use 36” x 48” access panels where the equipment or device is more than 18” from the finish ceiling and where equipment or device has a panel or door that needs to be opened or removed for service.
      3. Use a minimum of 8” x 8” access panels in walls to access valves or other appurtenances.
    3. Locate access panels directly under or in front of the equipment or device’s service/maintenance panels, doors, belts, filters, etc.
    4. Final location of access panel shall be determined on site by OSU Project Manager, EH&S construction safety officer, and Facilities Services prior to installation
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