1. The following information is for specific room and space types and is in addition to all previously stated standards listed in Divisions 01 - 34.
    2. All previously noted accessibility requirements per OSHA and/or NEC must be followed in these spaces.

    1. Building Storage is required in all new construction to house all building specific and required extra items; paint, carpet, lighting, filters, etc.
    2. Room size shall use the general rule of 0.75 sq. ft. per 100 sq. ft. of building space with a minimum room size of 10 ft. x 12 ft.
    3. Flooring shall be sealed concrete.
    4. General fluorescent lighting is required with wire guards on fixtures.
    5. Ventilation
      1. Basement locations: ventilation only, no heating or cooling necessary.
      2. Attic and/or Penthouse locations: careful consideration should be given to the amount of ventilation and/or heating and/or cooling that is required to provide an appropriate environment.
    6. Shelving is required for efficient storage.  Shelving type required will be determined by the design team in consultation with the OSU Project Manager and FS Maintenance during design.
    7. A Minimum of two (2) 20 amp duplex electrical outlets shall be provided.  Both must remain accessible and shall not be located on walls with shelving.
    8. Access shall be provided by door from hallway.
    9. NO sharing of program is allowed.  Construction Overstock Rooms may not double as custodial closets, etc.