1. The following information is for specific room and space types and is in addition to all previously stated standards listed in Divisions 01 - 34.
    2. Multi-story buildings must have at least one 150 sq. ft. room for supply storage with 72 linear feet of shelving.  This shall be provided in addition to requirement C.
    3. Single story buildings requiring custodial services and remaining floors of multi-story buildings require a minimum size -- 100 sq. ft. per floor with a minimum of 40 linear feet of shelving.
    4. Remodeling activities are not to result in the reduction of available custodial space below the minimum space standards outlined above, and to the extent possible, remodeling projects shall be viewed as opportunities to improve substandard facilities.
    5. NO sharing of program is allowed.  Custodial Closets or storage areas may not double as a storage closet for non-custodial materials. Do not locate building support systems such as electrical, telephone, HVAC controls, or computer network within Custodial Closets or Storerooms.
    6. Floor type (preferred) or wall mount type slop-sink with anti-siphon valve and clean out shall be provided.
    7. Two (2) 20 amp electrical outlets shall be provided.
    8. A minimum of 36 inch wide door that opens into a hallway shall be provided. Automatic closures are not permitted.
    9. Tall ceilings, 10 feet or higher, are needed for ladders and extension poles.

    1. Minimum of one custodial closet shall be located within 50 feet of the primary rest room area.
    2. Locate custodial closets to avoid exiting into carpeted hallways whenever feasible.


    1. Minimum five (5) each adjustable shelves shall be provided per closet. Shelves shall measure a minimum of six (6) feet long x 16 inches wide and shall support a minimum of 50 lbs. per sq. ft. Shelves shall be a minimum of 3/4 inch thick and shall be supported by double standards. The maximum shelf height shall be 6 feet as measured from the floor.
    2. Each shelf is to a allow 12 inches clear height to next shelf.
    3. Two mop hangers at 6 feet off finish floor shall be located over the floor / mop sink.
    4. Four (4) additional mop hangers shall be provided at 6 feet off finish floor within the room.
    5. 3/4 inch brass coupling and stainless steel hose bracket shall be provided; Fiat 889-CC or Fiat 832-AA.

    1. A Floor drain is required in each closet; to be installed at the lowest point of sloped flooring.
    2. 1/2 inch isolation ball valves are required on hot and cold water.
    3. One floor type mop sink with a stainless steel strainer, anti-siphon valve, and clean out shall be provided in each closet. Provide a floor sink with a permanently attached, waterproofed splash protection at a minimum of 2 feet above sink on both walls
    4. Faucet:
      1. 40 inches from finish floor and centered over mop sink.
      2. Wall mounted service type.
      3. 6 inch spout with integral vacuum breaker.
      4. 3/4 in. threaded hose outlet.
      5. Adjustable centers.
      6. Integral check arms.
      7. Chrome plated.

    1. Each closet shall be provided with two (2) 20 amp electrical outlets on two (2) separate walls.   All outlets must have GFCI protection.
    2. Lighting shall be controlled by occupancy sensor.
    3. Lighting is to be placed in an area where it will not be hit with mop handles when using the sink and is to have a protective lens or plastic / wire cover to protect bulbs from accidental contact with mop handles.
    4. HVAC shall be provided to custodial closets.  Venting shall be provided for closet to accommodate chemical storage and /or battery charging equipment.
    5. Ventilation to the outside is required if the closet will be used to charge batteries of larger equipment.

    1. Floor: 
      1. Acceptable flooring materials are:  (the four items below need to line up)
      2. Resilient, seamless safety flooring.
      3. Light colored 8 inch x 8 inch non-glazed quarry tile. 
      4. Sealed concrete.
      5. All flooring and base coving shall be fully sealed and floor shall be properly sloped to floor drain.
    2. Wainscot shall be provided and shall be light colored, 4.25 inch x 4.25 inch glazed ceramic tile and/or Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP).  Wainscot shall extend 4 feet from finish floor.
    3. Paint shall be light colored, semi-gloss exterior enamel.
    4. Wall assemblies are to use appropriate materials for wet conditions such as wonder board, hardy board, etc.

    1. Label “Custodial Closet” for room name on floor plan(s), not “Janitor Closet”.