1. The following information is for specific room and space types and is in addition to all previously stated standards listed in Divisions 01 - 34.
    2. All previously noted accessibility requirements per OSHA and/or NEC must be followed in these spaces. Refer to Construction Standards 01 10 02 Accessibility Best Practices for OSU for additional guidance.
    1. For all new laboratory buildings and major laboratory remodels, accommodations should be made to provide clean spaces that are designated as safe eating and drinking areas.
    2. Designated eating and drinking areas should be physically separated from any location where laboratory chemical, biological or radioactive materials are used or stored.
      1. Physical separation can be accomplished by providing a door that prevents direct access between a designated eating/drinking area and a material use or storage location.
      2. The designated area must also be under positive pressure to the material use or storage location and be labeled as a clean space.
      3. A designated eating and drinking area could include but not be limited to a separate common lunch or break room per laboratory suite or floor OR personal office spaces that are separate from material use and storage locations.
      4. Eating areas should be large enough to accommodate the expected number of employees in each laboratory area that it will serve.
    1. OAR Chapter 437, Division 2, Subdivision Z
    2. OSU Campus Policy, EH&S, Biosafety Manual