1. The following information is for specific room and space types and is in addition to all previously stated standards listed in Divisions 01 - 34.
    2. All previously noted accessibility requirements per OSHA and/or NEC must be followed in these spaces.
    1. For each campus building or building complex, a designated building service area is to be established.  Each service area shall provide facilities / locations for loading, package delivery, garbage / trash collection, and parking for maintenance and service vehicles.
    2. Building service areas shall be located on the least public façade.
    3. Dumpster facilities / locations shall be incorporated into a loading dock.  In the absence of loading dock, these sites shall be near a building entrance (but NOT the main entrance) and shall be screened from view by an appropriately designed fence and/or vegetation.  All screening shall be consistent with the standards of the local jurisdiction. For the OSU Corvallis campus, the standards are outlined in Chapter 3.36 of the Corvallis Land Development Code. 
    4. Building service areas shall not be near building air intakes.
    5. Walkways and drives that serve loading areas shall be designed and constructed to withstand heavy vehicle traffic. 
    6. Mail delivery may be located within designated building service areas.  If so, space for convenient vehicle parking shall be included.
    7. These spaces must be well lit for personal safety as well as use in the evening hours for OSU FS Custodial.
    8. Protection is required at the rear wall of loading dock to prevent damage to the facility by vehicles.
    9. Refer to Construction Standards 01 10 02Accessibility Best Practices for OSU for additional guidance.