1. Commercial grade ceiling assembly meeting current Oregon adopted building codes.
    2. All supporting components must be certified as UL approved.
    3. Ceilings and mechanical/electrical equipment coordination
      1. Light fixtures, ceiling mounted diffusers (or grilles) and other openings in the ceiling must be supported in compliance with Oregon current IBC Standards 25-2.
      2. Coordination with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment is required when laying out ceiling grids and supports; no mechanical, electrical, or plumbing access should be blocked.
      3. 10-inches from the suspended ceiling to the bottom of equipment & ductwork is required for ceiling tile removal.
    4. Supply & install Armstrong Cortega No. 823 or No. 895, 2' X 4' ceiling panels as standard.    Armstrong Prelude XL Fire Guard 15/16” is approved by ICBO.
      1. Porous ceilings (tiles and/or systems) are not to be used in ‘wet’, clean, or sterile applications.
    5. T-bar ceilings shall be full size T’s - need to be fire rated 15/16” grid heavy duty.
    6. Install seismic joint clips, e.g. Berc clips, with all wall angles.
    7. Provide 12 gauge minimum wire.
    8. Provide 1/4 “wedge anchors in concrete ceiling.  Powder driven anchors are prohibited.
    9. Overstock Materials:  5% of each type of acoustic tile and/or panel installed.
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