The OSU Construction Standards support OSU’s policies related to the design and maintenance of facilities on campus and to the OSU Campus Master Plan. They identify specific requisites that should be utilized in the construction of buildings and outdoor spaces on campus. They also note requirements for project drawings and address universal design, sustainability, and environmental best practices and requirements.

The documents are separated by divisions according Construction Specification Institute (CSI) MasterFormat 2014.  The table of contents provides easy identification of the sections covered within each division.  Division 1 documents provide general information pertinent to most projects, while other divisions are more specific to a particular trade or subject.  Sections updates are noted within the document. 

These standards are to be used by all architects, engineers (A/E), and other design and construction professionals under contract to do work at and for OSU.  It is also a resource for staff and faculty.

These OSU Construction Standards have been researched and selected by a cross section of staff and professional consultants.  They are standards, but are not absolutes.  If a more appropriate product, material or practice provides additional value to OSU, it should be considered.  Items different from those identified in the Construction Standards will be reviewed by OSU for life cycle cost, environmental impact and future flexibility.  Proposed changes should be submitted as early as possible during the design process.  Designs must comply with the Construction Standards, unless written verification of substitution is provided by OSU.

Technical Bulletins and supplemental, updated information are considered appendices to the Construction Standards and must be adhered to as well.

Please note that OSU’s University Housing and Dining Services department has a similar document that directs work within their facilities.   Contact the OSU Project Manager for more information.

Additionally, OSU’s Network Services department has a set of design standards that are applicable to network infrastructure, internet connectivity and phone services, and these are now part of OSU Construction Standards. BICSI RCDD Certification is required for anyone performing infrastructure design, specifications, and/or drawings.  Specified materials and design of communication rooms must comply with the Construction Standards.  All documents, if applicable to the project(s), must be adhered to by design and construction professionals under contract to provide services at OSU. Contact the OSU Project Manager for more information.

Please direct any general questions or comments about the OSU Construction Standards to Jaime Foster, Project Controls Manager, Capital Planning and Development by phone at (541) 737-2760 or email at