Emergency Contacts

  • Report a campus emergency: 541-737-7000
  • Report a campus non-emergency: 541-737-3010
  • Report an off-campus emergency: Dial 911
  • View Campus Alerts
  • View Public Safety's roster of Emergency Phone Numbers


Capital Planning and Development Point of Contact Info:

Capital Planning and Development manages all major efforts that impact the overall physical campus from initial acquisition, land use physical planning, and capital forecasting and planning through project design and construction, sustainability efforts, and university space allocation management. In addition to the Executive Director's Office and the Specialized Administrative Services team that provides IT, Human Resources, Communication, and Process Improvement services for the Department, CPD consists of five main offices that work collaboratively to optimize the delivery of major projects and to ensure that they are properly integrated with the overall University District Plan.  (Message our Department)  

  • The Office of Capital Planning works with university leadership to create capital forecasts annual plans for OSU's capital investments.  Capital Planning leads the University's capital planning process each year that support the University’s long term goals and priorities for responsible growth and development.
  • The Office of Leasing and Strategic Real Property Management oversees leasing and real estate transactions for the university. This includes facilitating and managing the drafting and legal processing of real property-related documents, including:  leases and rental agreements; property acquisition and disposition; use agreements; property line adjustments, property use licenses; and easements.
  • The Office of University Land Use Planning works with OSU leadership, city and county public officials, community members, and other units within Capital Planning and Development to provide guidance regarding large-scale land use at OSU, zoning and regulatory requirement compliance, permitting, and surveys and assessments regarding the intersection of people with OSU's built environment.
  • The Office of Design and Construction includes Project and Construction Managers who work with construction and design contractors to coordinate capital construction efforts on campus. Planning, Construction Management provides administrative management and professional services to facilitate and accomplish new construction, renovation and replacement of the physical facilities and infrastructure of Oregon State University. Services include assistance with review of design/scope of a project, administration and monitor of project budget and schedule to ensure meeting all requirements and timelines, serving as liaison for client and University, along with adherence to all State building codes, policies and procedures.
  • The Office of Space Management has the designated responsibility for maintaining the university’s space inventory.
  • Specialized Administrative Services provides IT, Human Resources, Communication, and Process Improvement services for the Department.



Documents of Interest:

  • OSU Campus Master Plan
  • OSU Sign Plan 
    • OSU’s sign policies follow the City of Corvallis Land Development Code, Corvallis Sign Regulations, Chapter 4.7 and are governed by the 2004-2015 OSU Campus Master Plan. All signs and sign structures must comply with the standards identified in the OSU Sign Plan.  
  • OSU Historic Preservation Plan
  • OSU Construction Standards
    • The OSU Construction Standards identify specific requisites that should be utilized in the construction of buildings and outdoor spaces on campus and also note requirements for project drawings and address universal design, sustainability, and environmental best practices and requirements.
  • OSU Space Use Guide (coming soon - for info, contact Space Mgmt)
  • OSU Campus Master Plan Monitoring Reports
    • Annual Reports
    • OSU completes an annual parking utilization study and two adjacent neighborhood studies every five years.
  • OSU Annual Space Utilization Report (coming soon - for info, contact Space Mgmt)
  • CPD Liaison Roster


Requesting Services or Information:


Construction Contracting Information:

NOTE:  As of August 2015, Construction Contract Administration moved from Capital Planning and Development to Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management (PCMM). Having both goods and services and construction procurements all within one organization will help pool resources and fill in some gaps. Construction Contract Administration manages all construction related procurements and contracts, including procurements under $25,000 that are subject to BOLI Prevailing Wage Rates. 

The Construction Contract Administration CCA unit with Procurement and Contracting Services is responsible for contracts related to construction services including major & minor construction, renovation, reconstruction, and repairs; architectural,  engineering, and related consulting services; on-campus moving services; asbestos, lead paint and other abatement; and other work that requires attachment to building structures and systems.


Current Capital Construction Projects:


Student Work and Project Opportunities:

Capital Planning and Development values the opportunity to provide teaching and applied learning opportunities for our OSU students. In addition to the student worker and student intern opportunities in the various units, CPD staff have supported unique learning opportunities outside the department.

  • If you are interested in student worker opportunities, contact Keahi McFadden at 541-737-7345.
  • If you are interested in speaking with our construction managers about information on a school project or report, contact Lori Fulton at 541-737-4625.

Construction-Related Closures Info:

Due to the sheer volume of construction and renovation projects on campus, there are occasional road, sidewalk, parking lot, building or space closures, detours or utility shutdowns.

To view construction-related closures on campus, visit OSU Campus Closures, Shutdowns and Detours

If you have a specific question about a closure, detour or shutdown, please email us at construction.questions@oregonstate.edu.